The Interview: On Blogging About My Personal Life

FullSizeRenderI’m sitting in a diner, this is my first of four interviews that I am having because Mr. Photography is doing a project on me.

He has brought an assistant, “Shahz, this is my sidekick. He will take notes because your beauty distracts me and I can’t write, ask you questions, and look at you at the same time”.

I laugh. Bullshit.

Anyways, they decide to begin the interview.

“So Sad Beauty, I start out my analysis paper on you by saying you are a blogger and stuff. You write a lot of personal stuff. You write about your ADHD, your family, your intimate life-”

I choke on my pancake.

“What?” he looks offended.

“I absolutely do not talk about the last one!” I say in shock.

“Yes you do. Half your blog is about men and how they drive you crazy.”

I roll my eyes, “Well YES but I don’t give details of what I do with them…jeez”.

Mr. Sidekick whispers something in Mr. Photography dude’s ear and he nods. “Okay sorry, let’s just call it your love life”.


He continues, “So when it comes to topics like these, how do you deal with people reading these things….especially your *love life*?”

I inhale deeply. “Okay, I don’t talk about my *intimate life* that much. When that happens between me and Heart, it’s between me and him. I don’t kiss and tell. And if it happens between me and Prince Player, well forget it- it never happens between me and him anyway.”

“Fair enough. But you do talk about your encounters about them. What if they read what you wrote?”

“I could care less. If they are so close to me, they should already know what I’m gonna write about them.”

“Interesting. And what about writing about your ADHD and family? Aren’t you afraid that people who know about your blog will find about personal things like these?”

“No. I don’t write it for the people that know me. I write it for the many people all around the world who suffer like I do. Women who don’t feel quite independent yet, people with ADHD, people trying to just make the best of life despite everything they are surrounded by.”

Mr. Photography dude is staring at me. “But you do get upset that those people that know you still read it and judge you…right?”

“Yea. I mean, I just have to realize that’s what happens when I have a public website and I decide to practice my freedom of expression. But I just tell myself, I care more about giving hope to the 1,000 individuals that visit my website weekly than the 10 people who want to be nosy about my life.”

Mr. Photography dude won’t stop smiling. After a while, he says “You are one badass.” Mr. Sidekick nods. I’m glad I got his approval.

I shake my head, “You haven’t heard anything yet, sweetie”.

And then I pose for the picture shown above 🙂 Stay tuned for the next part!

xoxo. S.


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