First Week Back: A Proposal From Mr. Photography dude…and other musings!

These “anxiety” attacks that I get at the beginning of each quarter are becoming thedr. seuss quote norm. My tears caused me to have that nasty snot come out of my nose (sorry for that image). Sadly, I didn’t have “Heart” to comfort me like last quarter. But that’s okay because it wasn’t as bad as last quarter! I have learned to tell myself that I’m going places in life and I better get on my way. As usual I was just teary eyed over the cost of my 12 textbooks (yes, 12- don’t worry I was able to find half in the library 😉 ) and certain men in my life. Also, it is dangerously cold out here in Chicago!!! So how did the first week go?

In travel: Well obviously it was sad saying bye to my mom and dad. And then I got to the airport only to see my flight was delayed several times. AND THEN, I had to wait at baggage claim for an hour and a half because they put my bags on a different carousel! Thank goodness I had the sass to walk to other baggage claims and check 😉 And right then, my roommate texts asking “Hey girl! Are you coming back to school in the next few days?!?” No….I’m just gonna skip the first week of classes. Like really?

Speaking of which….

In roomies: They are good so far. The one has her boyfriend over every single day (not new). But I enjoy their company and going to them when I get my anxiety attacks.

In classes: So far so good. It goes like this: Health, Health, Philosophy, Health. So….exciting!

In men: Gah. No. Not good. Neither of them wanted to reunite with me this week! I mean…I didn’t ask them or anything but…well they usually make the first move! Freshman year, “Prince Player” texted the day I got back and last year, “Heart” had texted. This year? Nada. None. No one.

EXCEPT. Mr. Photography dude- For the love of sass. Why do I bump into him everywhere? I was sitting in Starbucks, drinking away my sorrows in a coffee and well….

“Oh if it isn’t Sad Beauty herself!”

I turn my face and take a huge sip. And then I hug him, “Marhaba habibi” (hello dear). I’m starting to like this dude nowdays (AS A FRIEND).

“You’re looking more beautiful than ever. 21 has done you good” he says. I laugh. I’ve been getting that a lot lately 😉

“How have you been?” he asks. I shrug. And scrunch my face a little.

“Oh god. You have that look” he says.

“What look?!” I ask.

“The *I did something I shouldn’t have look* ” he says.

I smile. “Qalb (“Heart”) and I had a conversation over break.” Mr. Photography dude’s jaw drops and he goes off in an Arabic tangent.

I raise my eyebrows. I’m not fluent yet.  “Shazi! Wallah this isn’t good you’re going to get hurt if you pursue this again”.

I get close to him, “I know I know. But I can’t fight it!”

He sighs very loudly, “Just be careful.”

I smile a big smile, “Thank you. Everyone else in our community that knows doesn’t approve.”

“Well, if I told you not to do it- then you’ll just go out and do it.”

Ooooo I like this dude. He knows how I work.

“What about the other one? Player?”

I shake my head. “He won’t change”.

“Then why do you still like him?”

I gasp. “I DO NOT!” I snapped.

“You’re lying face is very cute.”

kiddingI inhale. “I don’t like him. It’s just that I hate him. And then I’ll see him and he’ll be like “hi” and then I’ll be like “just kidding”.

Mr. Photography dude is laughing very hard. “I love you Sad Beauty. You’re funny. Hey listen, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about something.”

Well that escalated fast. “What?” I asked.

“So I’m taking a new photography class. And I showed the professor my work of you. And he loves it. He wants me to do a piece on you”

Say what now. “What?” I ask.

“You are a very interesting creature, Sad Beauty. I need to interview you. And then, I have to choose your best portrait and I have to write what is so inspiring about you.”

“Well that’s easy, you’ve got my whole blog” I say laughing.

“You don’t reveal everything on it…. I have a feeling there’s more to it” he says.

I stop stirring my coffee for a second, “What makes you think I’m gonna tell you something I won’t tell my readers?”.

I definitely have him there. He can’t think of an answer.

I cross my arms, “We will see how it goes I guess” I say laughing. I start gathering my latte to get to class, “Bring some Kleenex will ya?” I say.

He gives me a cute smile and winks, “I got you. I don’t call you Sad Beauty for nothing”.

Clever. Well reader. I hope you had nice first week back if it was your first week back at work or school. We got this! I’ll keep you update on Mr. Photography dude’s…”project”. Take care and stay warm if you are somewhere cold!

xoxo. S.


4 thoughts on “First Week Back: A Proposal From Mr. Photography dude…and other musings!

  1. Next time you get a text asking if you’re gonna be back at school in a few days, tell them “No, I got on the wrong plane and I’m in _______.” And just go with that for a while!

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