Two whole years of blogging bliss…Happy blogiversary to me!

bridget jones coverWell reader, I totally amused all the people who didn’t think I can make it as a blogger because look….here I am, still writing, 450+ regular readers going strong 🙂 WE HAVE MADE IT GUYS! Through all the heartbreak, triumphs, and occasional accomplishments- I’m still here to amuse you with my wit and you’re still here to read it ❤ Thank you for joining me on my journey, here are your favorite posts of the year.

The Most Popular Post I Have EVER Written: My 100th post! “How To Get (and keep) A Sassy Woman”

In the past two years of writing, this was the post that was most shared and read. Oh I remember being so frustrated when I wrote this because all the things mentioned were things that “Prince Player” did when he first met me, and then he randomly stopped and started doing it to other girls 😦 Oh well.

Most Popular Love Letter:A Letter to My Ex On His Birthday: “Because You Loved Me”

I had a tissue box next to me as I wrote this one. I love writing love letters that I know my lovers won’t read because it gives me a chance to tell them all the things I couldn’t say. This one meant a lot to me because it really explains how “Heart” has helped me grow as a person and practically healed me. He’s the best thing that has ever happened to me. I miss him everyday.

Most Popular Poem: “ADHD and Heartbreak”

I love this poem because it shows how ADHD affects big areas of my life, including love.

Runner Up for Most Popular Poem: “Real”

I always schedule my poems ahead of time and I remember this became published as “Heart” was breaking up with me. I remember showing it to him and his eyes getting teary as I could tell he was really regretting breaking up with me. But still, to this day after our various break-ups I can proudly say that nothing about our relationship was fake. The “fakeness” that “Prince Player” should me in our time together really hurt. So when “Heart” came along, I couldn’t believe how real things were and it was a dream come true ❤

Most Popular Weekly Musings: Elevator musings, the Oscar’s, and oh- Happy March!

I think this post is great because it’s a recap of how much “Heart” means to me and how I live every day hoping I can remain strong after what “Prince Player” did.

Most Popular Post About “Prince Player”:My Attachment Theory: Airplanes

I couldn’t not include something about “Prince Player” in this list as he is the one that has inspired some of the most popular posts in this blog. I think my readers enjoyed this post because I finally give them an explanation of why it’s complicated to completely get “Prince Player” out of my head.

Most Popular Post About “Heart”: A tie between The Sweetest Goodbye and If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up

I think my readers and I love “The Sweetest Goodbye” because it shows what love and heartbreak really is.

In “If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up”, I think we were all just happy that “Heart” came back! And little did we know, there was going to be a series of “Heart” leaving and coming back….sold out

WHAT A YEAR READER. Again, thank you for tagging along and supporting me ❤ I have enjoyed performing at my sold out performances 😉 Did I miss any of your favorites?? Comment below!

xoxo. S.

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