Vegas: My birthday celebration, lovers, and the city itself!

Tuesday morning I woke up at 3 in the morning with so much excitement, we were heading to Las Vegas! Now I must say, I have been there before for my 18th birthday so this post won’t be about all the fun things to do in Vegas (if that is what you are looking for) but rather some new things I got to do.

My birthday celebration:

The hotel was a dream come true. My dad mentioned it was my 21st birthday and we got upgraded to a beautiful suite! Not only that, the next morning I went to speak with Guest Services about redeeming a food and drink $75 voucher they gave me (it wasn’t working). The young guy at the counter said “Wait a minute, it’s your 21st birthday?” I smiled and nodded.

And then he said, “So this only entails you to use this at our hotel. I’ll do something better for you. I’m gonna make this a resort credit. Use this ANYWHERE on the Las Vegas strip for anything.”

I wanted to cry tears of joy. “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!” I said.

“You’re too pretty for me to say no” the guy said as he was confirming the details.

I blushed and said “Awwwww”. As he finalized the details, I thanked him again and he smiled and said “Happy Birthday.”

Later, my dad got me tickets to a club and “Menopause the Musical” haha. The club was as amazing as I expected (Cirque du Soleil was performing!) but it was too crowded and noisy for me so I left after a while. My brother and I just decided to go to the bar and have some drinks. The next night (Christmas), I went to see the musical with my mom. I had tears coming out of my eyes from laughing so loud! I was probably the youngest one in the audience but as the promo for the musical said “it’s fun for women of all ages!”


On the morning I was leaving to Vegas, I had woken up from a dream about “Prince Player”. It was a crazy dream that involved me writing him a long e-mail about something, when I looked up the meaning of it later- it said that it is a sign that I am feeling distant from him. I guess I have been a little sad that he hasn’t communicated with me as much as he did last year. Confused about the dream, I got up and started getting ready. I noticed that I had a message from “Heart”. It said “I miss you”. I messaged him back right away and I guess he was still up because we continued talking. After a while, I had to catch my flight so I said bye.

I sent both “Heart” and “Prince Player” many pictures while I was away. “Prince Player” seemed to be responding more.

Finally it was Christmas, and I had yet another dream about “Prince Player”! We were very intimate in this one…I woke up with my eyes wide open and pinched myself. HE’S NO GOOD FOR ME AND WE ALL KNOW IT.

all i want for christmasSo I messaged “Heart” and said “Merry Christmas <3” . After I got back from the muscial, he had responded and we started talking again. It was very…loving. I reminded him that he dumped me. He said “Right right. We should probably stop talking.” And then I said, “But it’s Christmas….” Christmas was a big deal to us last year because that is when we really started falling for each other. So he laughed and we continued talking. I thought we ended it at that but….last night after I landed, I got another message from him. Well, here we go again.

The City Itself:

Vegas never disappoints me. It never sleeps. A lot of restaurants were open 24 hours and on Christmas! So I had a great time eating and relaxing. Also Vegas is so close to Arizona that we went there for a day and saw the Grand Canyon! 🙂 There was always something to do in Vegas, be it playing in the casinos or going out- I had a great time 🙂

Hope all of you had a nice Christmas! 🙂

xoxo. S.


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