My 21st Birthday….And Then Some

I’m old enough to know that facebook wallposts don’t mean as much as text and phonecall birthday wishes. I’m also old enough to know that my birthday is around Christmas time and most people seem to….eep….forget! Knowing all of that, I only wanted a birthday wish from 5 people: “Heart”, my brother, my best girl friend, my best guy friend Sam, and “Prince Player”.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, it was “Heart’s” birthday on Monday. I did end up wishing him and writing him a long text about how much he has inspired me and helped me this year. I told him that I hope to be as strong is him one day. He wrote me a long text back thanking me and assuring me that I can be even stronger than him 🙂 I was happy, and wondered if he will write me a wish just as sweet on my birthday.

So when I woke up yesterday, I was greeted with my mom and dog smothering me and yelling HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My brother is working out of town and my dad has had a bad fever all week so it wasn’t a huge thing like it has been every other year. But still, I laughed and got a text from Sam wishing me a Happy 21st and telling me that I look more beautiful than ever 🙂 I was so happy. And then I got a text from my best girl friend, she also posted a collage of our friendship on Facebook and wrote the sweetest post about me ❤ I was so happy again. Then it was my brother’s turn, he called and also wrote on Facebook that he can’t believe I am “21 years young”. So sweet ❤ All that was left to wish me were “Heart” and “Prince Player”. It was getting late…

some peopleAnd so finally, I was sitting in a bar with my mom having margaritas when I got a text from “Heart”. It said “Happy birthday Shahz 🙂 Continue to do big things ❤ Thank you for a wonderful year :)” My eyes got teary eyed in a bar. That last line really got me. It was him that made this past year so special! I thanked him and he actually continued checking up on me throughout the night (I haven’t really drank much before). In between my hangover, I was shocked that “Prince Player” didn’t wish me. All this time I thought “Heart” wouldn’t wish me….but it was “Prince Player” who ended up forgetting.

“You see! This is a sign God thinks “Heart” is a better man for me!” I told my guy friends from back home. They always have a constant debate on who’s the “better man” for me and ALWAYS side with “Prince Player”.

“No hun. Prince Player was probably just wrapped up with Christmas planning and his family. And Heart probably wants you to be there for him when he wants to do you again ” they said.

My jaw was on the floor. And then I started laughing, “YOU GUYS!!!!”

They shrugged and I got a belated snapchat wish from “Prince Player” today. Better than nothing I guess….

Anyways, my um…hangover…has faded. Yesterday, my family surprised me with tickets to Vegas 🙂 We will be there for Christmas next week! My dad is still a little sick and I’m currently writing this to you from the emergency room :/ Things will get better soon- I know it.

Age 20 has been my most successful year yet, but I owe a lot of that to “Heart” for giving me the confidence to do so. I don’t have him anymore, so I wonder what 21 will bring me.

xoxo. S.

A NOTE FOR MY READERS: This will be my last post until perhaps the last week of December (because I’ll be in Vegas) 🙂 Merry Christmas everyone!

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