A Letter to My Ex On His Birthday: “Because You Loved Me”

This is probably the toughest post I have had to write since the poem called “Fake”. You know about that one, don’t you darling? After that one broke my heart, you came along. And I have never been the same.

Today is a day I thank God.Your simple presence always lit up my day. Exactly one year ago, as I was wishing you a happy birthday, we declared our like for each other. I still remember you telling me that you’re going to call me “Eyes” because I help you see. And then I told you that I’m gonna call you “Heart” because you keep me alive and beating. We promised each other our like wouldn’t turn into love. But we both broke it. We fell is love so fast. And you know what? I had never been happier.

The few months before I met you was a pain. I found out that the guy I was with before you hooked up with one of my close friends 😦 I was humiliated. I felt used and stupid. I was diagnosed with ADHD and my treatment caused hospitalizations, weight loss, and depression. And as I confided in you, my dad wasn’t being so nice to my mom. I felt like I was good for nothing.

Then there was you. I was dancing at that party one night, I saw you staring at me like I was…something amazing. I walked over to you with all of these bruises over my heart. I was perfect in your eyes, you took me in immediately and showed me a way. Every day after that, we talked and you inspired me to keep moving forward. Little by little, I revealed my bruises to you and you still looked at me like I was an angel or something.

Any problem I had, you would rub my shoulders and tell me what I could do about it. My bruises kept fading away. I have never felt so strong. You were always so brave. You had problems of your own, but all I could do was hold you against my chest and tell you “everything will be okay” and that I’ll pray for you.

I don’t know if my heart will ever be the same. Don’t worry, I will continue to see other guys (if they even want to see me). I know you want me to be happy. Is it selfish for me to say, I hope you’re not seeing anyone else? Yea, I think so. But still. I miss you. I will for a while. My world is a better place, because you loved me. Have a wonderful birthday, may all of your wishes come true ❤

xoxo. No longer your eyes (or soul).


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