The Good Parts of this Week

My last post didn’t really address the good parts about this week…I decided to write this one.

On Monday, I taught my students the unit on Academic Success. I told them the sob story (the story about me being diagnosed with ADHD my freshman year). The story of my weakness, a medication that turned me into something I’m not, and how I overcame it. I didn’t cry thank goodness, I kept it together. Every time I felt a tear coming on, I just swallowed and told myself that my story will help a student. And then finally, I got to the part where I told them that finally Spring quarter of last year, I got straight A’s. And I was done. They all clapped with tears in their eyes. I told them they didn’t need to give me applause haha, and then they just clapped even more. The professor too. Their final papers that I have graded so far have been amazing, each one talked about what I meant to them.

It was “Prince Player’s” birthday this week. I debated whether or not I should wish him. And then I thought I was being silly, regardless of what we’ve been through- I still value our friendship. So before I went to class, I quickly texted him wishing him and telling him that through all of our ups and downs- I can still stand him and I wouldn’t change a thing about our relationship. I thought he wouldn’t reply because he probably got a lot of wishes from females, BUT HE DID! He said thanks and agreed that despite everything that happened, I’m a blessing to him. I swear I choked up in class. And then I wondered how many other girls he said that too. And then I shrugged it off. This is the stage of PMS where I am emotional. I asked myself if “Heart” would say I’m a blessing and wondered if he thanks God for my presence in his life, my guess is no. But still. It was nice of “Prince Player” to say that.

I looked at my phone and smiled, Mr. Photography dude wanted to know what I was smiling at.

“An old lover” I said.

I hope you“Do you miss him?” he wanted to know.

I looked at the floor. “Sometimes”.

“You probably miss your new lover huh?” he asked smiling.

“I just hope they’re happy” I said.

“Well Sad Beauty. I hope you’re happy one day. I hope you stop tearing yourself apart over these men. I hope you get to walk on another runaway. I hope you become a teacher and inspire more students. I hope you can learn to be happy.”

I placed my camera down and looked at him.

I laughed to myself, “I am” I said.

What a nice thing for him to say.

xoxo. S.


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