Finals Week Drama: In Love and Teamwork

“Heart” and “Prince Player”

It always goes something like this: They are both talking to me at the same time, one of them is there for me when the other one leaves me, they are both not talking to me.

Right now- it’s the last one. It’s giving me a headache. I can deal with “Prince Player” not talking to me, that’s just him. Although he did send me texts and messages around this time last year to check up on me…not a single one this year.

the greatest irony bigWhat I can’t deal with is “Heart” not talking to me. What did I do? It’s been 6 weeks for goodness sake. It was so much easier to talk to him last year. People keep asking about him, but I don’t know what to say. I thought we were okay- but this has been the longest time that we have been separated without a reason.

Also, the start of finals is killing me. I had my research exposition and group presentations this week. There was so much drama with preparing all of this stuff and meeting with my groups. This one girl made us all come downtown to work on the project, I wrote my part last night…so basically I just went downtown to watch her work. She wasted my time dear god. For my other class, this guy that I was working with completely attacked another one of our team members saying she didn’t contribute a thing. She looked like she was about to cry. If that was me I would have broke down. And then after she left, he said he gave her a poor grade on the group member evaluations. I gave her a good one, I think she has a lot going on and tried her best in the project.

Anyways, if Fall Quarter is going like this, I have no idea what Winter Quarter is going to be like. Winter Quarter is always a nightmare for me….and for the first time Fall Quarter wasn’t so nice either. I’m worried. If I don’t see “Heart” before I go back home, I will be very sad to say the least.

All of my exams start next week. I hope neither “Heart” or “Prince Player” tell me drastic news around that time that will stress me and make me do poorly.

xoxo. S.

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