In My Dreams

I saw “Prince Player” twice in my dreams yesterday. What is going on here haha??

It’s been a crazy week of group projects and papers. I attempted talking to “Heart” but we didn’t talk much and he still seems busy. My heart is starting to ache.

sleep dreamMy favorite escape from everything when I’m exhausted is sleeping (like most people). So last night, I went to sleep and woke up this morning saying “Prince Player’s” name. Suddenly my eyes were wide open. I placed a hand over my mouth and gasped. Why had I said his name?? As my memory started coming back, I remembered. I had just had a dream I was at a wedding with “Prince Player” and having a wonderful time. He was introducing me to random people and making me laugh. I researched the meaning of dreams about a wedding. The dream dictionary said that having a dream about being happy at a wedding means I’m really happy about a new change in my life.

I am happy. But what has changed? The only thing that has changed is my relationship with “Heart” and that does not make me happy!

I stared at the ceiling. There were two hours left for my class to begin. I went back to sleep to see if I can see where the heck this dream was going…it didn’t work.

So I got breakfast and went to my classes. And then I met with a student. When I got back, I decided to take a nap to make up for the beauty rest I didn’t get last night.

AND GUESS WHO APPEARED IN MY DREAM AGAIN?? Yes. This time though, “Prince Player” was crying and then I started crying…

Very, very, opposite dreams. I don’t really dream about people a lot, so when I do- I really think about it. I always wish I could see “Heart” in my dreams- but I never do. Except for that one time in Song of the Week: “No Air” by Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown.

And then- when I woke up from this dream, who do I have a Snapchat from? “PRINCE PLAYER”! Have I gone crazy?

“It’s a sign” my guy friend said.

“NO” I said.

He shook his head. My friends have a constant “Prince Player” and “Heart” debate. He’s the one friend that’s on the “Prince Player” side.

“You do know that Prince Player isn’t good for me either right?” I asked.

“Yes. But if I had to choose between both of the bastards- I would prefer you to be with Prince Player!”

I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

In my dreams.

xoxo. S.

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