A Letter to Heart: “Three Weeks”

When we get to our “I haven’t seen you in three weeks…” mark is when I get sad. It’s when I look out the window and cry.

tumblr_mpkwr1hRLt1rzcaajo1_500And no, it doesn’t help that I got a wave from you on Monday after walking home from my class- you looked way to cute and I melted. And it still doesn’t help that I even saw you today morning before class, again you waved and smiled that smile for me. And I melted all over again. You would think that me bumping into you twice this week is a sign you should finally come see me.

It destroys me. It makes me tired, I can’t sleep at night. I just ask myself, “hasn’t it been three weeks since I last saw him?”

And then I get home. One roommate has her boyfriend over every other day, and the other has her little “friends with benefits” over every single day!

And me? I haven’t seen you in three weeks 😦

xoxo. Your eyes and soul (how do you keep going every day without your soul and eyes?)


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