What I Learned From Being A Model For A Day…

About a month ago I saw a casting call at my school for runway models. This event they wanted models for was a charity event, it was $10 for guests to get in and all proceeds would go to the charity. This is a very fancy fashion show where everyone comes dressed up and watch 40 models wear designer outfits. I went to the show freshman year, and I just wanted to be one of the models more than anything.

So this year, when I saw the ad for the casting call- I decided to go. I get it. I’m not tall, I have hips, and I’m exotic- not your typical model. But this is for a charity and I hoped that’s what the judges understood. They sure did because when I went for my casting call, they made me comfortable saying I have an awesome name and for me to do a “walk” for them. I gave it my best, they smiled a lot, and a week later- I found out I made it πŸ™‚

So yesterday was the big day. I was exhausted because I was studying for a midterm until 5 am Saturday night. Not to mention, I was flustered because I had bumped into “Prince Player” a few hours before that night and we had a long discussion. I didn’t know what to say to him, I love “Heart” but something tells me that I’m only 99% over “Prince Player” (which isn’t enough). And I can’t figure out what it is about him that I can’t get over.

Make-Up Preparations:

I wake up Saturday morning feeling exhausted and nervous. The manager for the show said wear little to no makeup so I just dabbed on some eyeliner and went.

When I got to rehearsal at 11:00 AM, I noticed every model was tall!!! Duh. I felt awkward immediately. One girl decided to point out I was wearing eyeliner and it was unfair :0 But a few hours later, the designer came to choose clothes for us and a lot of them had trouble wearing the stuff πŸ™‚ Whereas, cute little petite me fit a beautfiul wrap around dress perfectly ❀ And the girl that made the comment about my eyeliner? Nothing fit her and she got a dress that looked like a farmer dress haha πŸ™‚ She was so mad!

Some models were very picky and wanted to wear a second outfit- so they got it. I only got one so I knew I had to own the runway while it was my chance.

A few hours later, we had to practice walking for the coordinators of the show. They did a run-through 4 times and said I had it down pretty well. But by that 4th run through, my feet were killing.

So an hour after that, people started coming for the show and we still hadn’t gotten our makeup and hair done!

And so I was rushed to the make-up artist and she did a beautiful job. A little too beautiful actually- I did not recognize myself when I looked in the mirror. But I barely had time to look because I was then rushed to the hair stylist. The fashion manager told the stylist to give me big bouncy curls so she did- it took 45 minutes and models were starting to get in their places for the runway.

So as soon as my hair was done, I thanked the hair stylist and quickly went to get into my dress!

Dress Preparations:

The dress I got to where was unique, it was a “wrap around dress” and there was a unique way to wrap it. So I come out of the bathroom with it totally open and asked for help. Both a model volunteer and fashion show manager shut the door immediately and got my outfit together. Even when the dress revealed more of my…chest then it should have, the fashion show manager took a safety pin and closed it up making the dress look classier and elegant than ever!

The Runway:

Pretty soon. Models were going one by one onto the runway! I thought there would be two models at a time (there were two sides to the runway) but know- every model was going individually. I waited and waited with my heart beating fast…

And finally the production manager cued me in and I walked out the door to the runway. The first thing I noticed were the flashing lights and cameras in my face. Before I fainted, I smiled really big and strutted my stuff in a medium pace to the music. I heard a lot of “ooos” and “ahhhs”. Then there was the press, so I posed with my hands on my hips and gave them a big smile.

And that was only the first part of the runway. I then had to walk to the other side and pose again. This time after I walked, I tossed my hair and gave the new side a smile. I heard someone yell “Ya!” And then I started doing my final walk off the runway- there were even bigger flashing lights and I told myself to breathe as people still had their eyes glued to me.

Finally, it was the next model’s turn and BAM! I had just done my first ever runway show πŸ™‚

I walked out for the audience to clap after all the models had their turn and I finally noticed all the friends that came out to see me πŸ™‚ They were all shouting my name and I felt so humbled ❀

I texted my mom a photo and she said she was proud of me and that I looked amazing.

After the Show:

At last, it was time to take off the $200 dress I was wearing and go back to being an ordinary girl. I put on my normal $25 dress I bought from Forever 21 and went to thank my friends for coming. They were all sweet and generous. My feet and thighs were killing- my best friend held my arm as she walked me home ❀ Before that though, we stopped at the cafeteria and I had what I have been craving before the show- tacos.

As we walked home laughing and talking about midterms- I realized I don’t really have to be a model to be happy… I love being me and the friends I have ❀

xoxo. S.


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