Alls’s Fair in Love and ADHD

I couldn’t stop thinking about “Heart” these past few days, little did I know- that would be interrupted by “Prince Player”.

Why oh why does he always have to catch me at my worst? Yesterday, I had so much homework and studying for midterms to do. I barely did my makeup, I decided to go for a quick walk and pick up food.

As I’m thinking about “Heart” biting my neck and the way his hands felt around my waist… I see “Prince Player”. I stop smiling and snap back to reality. I try to turn my face and walk away, but then realized I had to wait where I was standing to get my food.

playerSo, he smiled when he saw me. I ran my fingers through my hair and looked up at the ceiling, then the floor. I didn’t know what to say to him. And then he was in my face. He is so predictable these days, “I CAN EXPLAIN EVERYTHING” he says immediately. I try to hold in my laughter, I can’t believe I thought I could actually change his “player” behavior…

He talks about how he ditched me last weekend because he was busy and blah blah blah and then- “See. Well here’s the thing. I’ve kinda been seeing this girl and-” BINGO. Did I not tell you that was coming reader? Goodness gracious, can’t he see I am head over heels in love with “Heart”…why would I care if he has someone else? I just want my best friend back! I cover up the hickey “Heart” left on my neck and look at the floor again. He told me that I didn’t look too mad… How could I be considering- a) I predicted this would happen and b) “Heart” came over to comfort me at my worst and I totally forgot about him 😉 I told him it’s like watching a movie on repeat, he is the same guy he was to me freshman year. He denied it and told me he can see me this weekend. I told him I am very busy this weekend (I am) but I am free on Friday. He asked me to send him a confirmation text. I told him I absolutely will not. I’m not his puppet, if he truly cares and wants to see me- he can come over and see me. He walked me home and I told him about me and “Heart”. He said “well I don’t like that guy!” I asked him who the hell he thought he was to tell me what he thinks of my men (as he is one of them and is no good for me himself).

My “high” that I got from spending time with “Heart” this past week is gone. I hate that I let “Prince Player” toy with my feelings like this. So much for being “best friends”.

Teaching and class went well today…I have a midterm presentation tomorrow, two midterm projects due Wednesday, and a midterm exam on Friday. My god. ADHD, love, and midterms are not the best combination!

xoxo. S.


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