A much better week back at school…in love and hormones

So after recovering from “Prince Player’s” usual behavior, I walked into class Monday telling myself that this is a new week and I’ll be okay. Right when the professor started talking, I got a text from “Heart” asking if I was available, his class was cancelled and he was in the area. I definitely was not available, I had that class I was in and my TA job afterwords. So I sadly told him I couldn’t see him and went to teach (it went much better this week by the way!) After I got back, I was so tired but thrilled to get a call from him. We talked for a while and agreed we would try to meet up Tuesday.

But then Tuesday came, and well…Aunt Flo decided to show up before he did! I was in so much pain and I didn’t know how to tell him…but thankfully, he was busy and couldn’t make it. And we talked on the phone again.

I was so sick. I ate a lot of ice cream and chocolate… My hormones kept waking me up in the middle of the night for various things.

the notebookStill I missed him so much and just wanted to be with him. The more people tell me he’s bad for me and I should find someone else, the more I want him. He said we will try next week.

But yesterday, right as I was asking myself if I should call him or eat some chocolate…he called saying he was in the area and can stop by 🙂

So as he stood in my apartment, I looked at his beautiful face I hadn’t seen in over three weeks and held it in my hands. God I missed him. I sat on his lap and told him I can’t take this, he embraced me as he said he is sorry he can only see me once every three weeks or less because of work, family, and school. His hands on my curves took away every ounce of pain I was experiencing. It didn’t last as long as I wanted… he had to get to class later.

“Hey. At least I was able to see you babe. Isn’t that what matters?” Yea I guess…

Whatever it is, I felt so happy for the first time in three weeks. I feel complete and so full of…life. I couldn’t stop smiling after he left yesterday.

Mr. Photography dude started flirting with other girls in class today…guess he couldn’t handle my rejection well. And let’s not even talk about “Prince Player”, my cramps are getting worse as I think of him.

Anyways, “Heart” really turned my week upside down- I hope next week is good too. Midterms start and I have all of these exams and presentations in the next two weeks. Wish me luck 🙂

xoxo. S.

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