Second Week Back At School

Today there was a fire drill. I was sleeping very peacefully in my lingerie. Every time there is a fire drill, I’m always not ready. Last time I was in the shower. And this time- well I just told you. I quickly pulled on some leggings and a hoodie hoping nobody I knew would walk by and see me standing outside looking so…tired. Hey, you never know when these things are real or a drill.

May I just say “Prince Player” never ceases to amaze me with his poor word choice lol…?

Last week, after training- I bumped into him a few days later. I was sitting with a friend and telling him all about my summer and fantastic (or so it was then) love life. And “Prince Player” popped out of no where.

So he started conversing with us and asked me for a hug. I declined because I was hating him at the time for…well you know, for being a player. And then he starts telling our friend how I get annoyed quickly and says- “It’s easy to get to the bottom of her hole! I know how to get to the bottom of her hole!”

I just burst out laughing. I don’t know who felt more awkward- me, our friend, or him. I think he realized what he said and quickly stated, “Oh my god. Bye” and shook my hand as he walked away. I was to busy laughing to decline this intimate contact with him.

So after he left, our friend gave me a look.

“NO. DON’T” I said.

“So….does he know….? How to get-” he started asking.

“NO. NO. NO. NO” I said.

I’ll be damned if he does.

love-quotes-for-her-if-you-just-give-me-a-small-chance_largeAnyways, things have been going okay. Some days my teeth hurt so bad, some days I can barely feel it. My classes are not too bad and my first day of teaching went well. “Heart” didn’t come over this week and he explained to me for the billionth time that this isn’t going to work out because of his work/family life. “I don’t want to keep you waiting, hun” he said. I told him it doesn’t have to work out, I just want to see him and I will continue to wait.

So yea 😦 I’m a little sad. And I know I shouldn’t trust him and keep waiting for him. But I still want him.

xoxo. S.

2 thoughts on “Second Week Back At School

  1. I once got caught in the shower at school during a fire drill too. Wasn’t good. I had already slept through my alarm and missed my first class and almost missed my second because I was standing outside in wet clothes waiting to go back in to get my books.

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