Healing….in teeth and love

What a crazy few days 😦

Healing from emergency wisdom teeth surgery and coming back to school at the same time has been no joke. Today marks one entire week of having to get all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out.

I knew something wouldn’t go right when the surgeon and nurse said “You’ll be okay! There’s people who ate a steak the next day!” Not true. I can’t even eat a grape.

Take my advice everyone, get your wisdom teeth out when you’re 18 and young. Don’t wait until you’re 20 and your teeth have bigger problems and wisdom teeth surgery makes things worse!

I walked outside for the first time in 4 days today. After moving in Saturday, I have refused to leave my place (my face was huge and I’m still slurring my words). All my friends have been kind enough to visit and drop off get well gifts. I had 15 visitors so far! I felt so popular ❀ Until today. Today, I had training for that teaching job. And this was not something that I wanted to excuse myself out of. So I woke up, showered, made myself look as good as a model- and went. My face looks cb6a7ffcfe8a3728a12e55aa0c59469cnormal now anyway. And well, I must have forgotten that “Prince Player” would be there! Because really, whose face did I see first? His. And what do you know- he’s a heck of a lot popular than I am. Every single time I got a chance with him- someone would interrupt. In the end I just gave up and texted my friend Sam.

Sam came to visit Sunday and gave me some info about “Heart”. My worst day of healing (Friday), Sam had bumped into “Heart” at a party. “Heart” told Sam, “Hey man. See that girl right there, I’d get with her.” And Sam asked about me. To which “Heart” asked “Who?” several times. And Sam repeated over and over again until “Heart” finally said “OH! You mean Shahz? Dude she’s crazy. Yea we probably made out a few times…but hey she’s nothing.” HOW. COULD. HE. I’m glad Sam waited until my teeth pain was manageable to tell me this. Because then I just shrugged it off and I assured Sam, “Oh well. He was just probably drunk. He always comes back to me.” And Sam said “Okay” to make me feel better. But today I messaged “Heart” as we were planning to see each other this week, and he never responded. So maybe he did mean what he said. And I am sad. These men never change do they? 😦

What the heck readers? Weren’t we the ones that were expecting an amazing welcome back from both of these men after See You Later (To the Men of Sophomore Year). I guess Fall is their season and Spring must be mine. Because both of these players currently have more people in their “circle” than I do while I was totally owning Spring.

Last night, I had this crazy dream that my mom found out about the men in my life. She said, “we need to talk”. My god I was so scared I thought it actually happened! I think if she found out, she’d be dissapointed that I let the men in my life treat me the way they do.

I hope everything heals fast. My teeth and my heart 😦

xoxo. S.


8 thoughts on “Healing….in teeth and love

  1. Awww I’m sorry to hear about your teeth and that the men in your life suck right now. I hope you feel better soon.
    Ps- frozen grapes were a lifesaver for me when I got my teeth out! Perfect little ice packs ❀

  2. Ah you just answered my question that I asked in your last post. I laughed at the grape comment because it reminded me of when I got braces. I couldn’t eat grapes at first. So I cut them in half and just swallowed them. That’s what I’d suggest!

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