My Wisdom Teeth Are Out (Ow!)

Sigh. Right when I got back on the plane to America, my tooth started aching again. Remember I told you guys in It’s a bad day, not a bad life…? Yea, it started aching again. So we went to the oral surgeon on Tuesday…and as it turns out, the other wisdom teeth are in wacky positions and bound to give me trouble as well. So the surgeon recommended I get all of them out. I was super scared as I have a flight back to Chicago tomorrow and start school in a few days. But at the same time, there is no way I can get enough healing time if I got them pulled out in Chicago.

wisdom teethSo before I knew it, I was put to sleep and woken up 45 minutes later. That is when I felt the pain. I didn’t eat anything the rest of the day, I had a milkshake and that was it. Yesterday, I thought I could be cool and eat a PB&J sandwhich (I WAS HUNGRY!) and well…my mouth hurt for the entire day 😦 So now I’m back to pudding, ice cream, and mashed potatoes. I’m on all kinds of painkillers that keep making me dizzy and slurring up my speech.

I just want to socialize and be with my friends 😦 Do any of my readers have tips on how to heal faster?

xoxo. S.

2 thoughts on “My Wisdom Teeth Are Out (Ow!)

  1. How many wisdom teeth did you have pulled? I had all 4 of mine taken out when I was 17. None of them had come in yet, they were all still under my gums which is probably the best time to take them out. My mouth was swollen for a few days and I couldn’t eat any solid food. I thought I was gonna die. Finally on day 5 I didn’t care anymore about the stitches in my mouth or the fact that I had no corners of my mouth to chew in, I ate a huge sandwich. It was great. Anyways, to deal with the pain I had two ice packs on each side of my face all day. It helped, but obviously the pain will still be there.

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