I’m home :)

Hello readers 🙂

Yes, I’m back from India. What an inspiring and happy trip. I miss everyone already 😦 It is so weird. When I’m there, I want to be here. And when I’m here, I want to be there.

There was no time to rest, every day was full of weddings or visiting family. But still, I had a nice time.

Before I left, I wanted to tell “Prince Player” and “Heart” I was leaving. Two weeks isn’t such a long time but I had been conversing with them over the summer and didn’t want to disappear without saying anything. I waited all week because well I don’t really know… Actually number 1, I had my Chem final the day before I left (so I was studying like crazy all week). And number 2, I’m always nervous to make the first move and talk to them first.

But suddenly it was the day before leaving and I had no choice. I was extremely tired as I studied all night for the Chem exam and spent the whole evening doing last minute gift shopping for my relatives. But still, it was then or never.

I messaged both of them.

To “Prince Player”, I said I was leaving for two weeks, won’t be able to text or blog, wished him well (as he was going back to Chicago), and that I will see him in a few weeks. He responded immediately (for once) and told me to have a great time. I liked. It was so sweet of him.

“Heart” was a bit more complicated. I had conversed with him a little as I was cramming for my Chem exam. He wanted to talk then, but I couldn’t. He said he’d be free the next day, but not evening. So as I wrote, I was busy all day and was bummed when I got back at 11:00. I had a feeling “Heart” wouldn’t text back. When the clock read 4am, I decided to just go to bed. And when I woke up the next morning, there was a text from him. I had a few hours until my flight left so I was able to speak to him ❤ I told him I was sorry for not texting him earlier and thanked him (he was busy that day too) for speaking to me one last time before I left. He told me to stop apologizing and that he will miss me. We ended our conversation with him telling me that I shouldn’t worry about anything and to have a nice time.

And so I left America happily, with Heart’s love and Prince Player’s friendship in the back of my mind. I sent them both a lot of pictures when I was away, niether of them ever responded. They were probably busy. Yesterday, I messaged all my friends saying “Home. What did I miss?” “Heart” answered that question very well. He responded with one word, “Me.” We talked a little and I asked him if he missed me back and he said yes ❤ I was happy.

missing someoneBecause when I was away, I missed all my friends and “Heart”. And I had to keep telling myself that missing someone is okay because the more days that go by, the closer I am to seeing them.

Usually, whenever I go to India, the year following it is tough. I don’t know why, but it happens. Freshman year of high school, junior year of high school, freshman year of college, etc.

My mom says that those are naturally very tough years for everyone and that junior year of college will be just fine.

I certainty hope so 🙂

xoxo. S.


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