Summer is almost over…in chemistry, love, and traveling

Sigh. What a week. Monday started out with a huge Chem midterm. I passed 🙂 Next week, I take my final and I will be all done with Chem 2! And the day after that, I’ll be heading to India ❤

Wednesday, I went to see my new ADHD specialist and she has started me on a new treatment plan. I wanted to text "Prince Player" immediately…but I got all shy so I waited. I decided to tell him later that night. I messaged him saying "I need to tell you something btw". No response. Oh well… he'll just have to hear it when he sees me I guess.

Most of my friends said I should tell "Heart". But…I can't. I'm not ready yet. This can either make or break our relationship, and I just need more time. I'll tell him when I see him.

The specialist asked about him by the way. She asked if I was in a relationship. I giggled and got all teary eyed. I just said…"On and off". And then she asked, "Is it on or off right now?" That was an interesting question. I had to laugh as I said "On". Because, for some reason…it feels off. I wish he would talk to me more. Like we did over winter break. Does he not get that I'm going to India a week from today and won't be able to communicate with him for two weeks? I really hope the saying "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" is true.

xoxo. S.

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