If the Men In My Life Were Gilmore Girls Characters…

Tristan“Sugar” would be Tristan: Tristan is kind of an ass, and loved by every female- except Rory. And although he is so flirtatious, the only girl he has “a thing” for is Rory. Sounds exactly like “Sugar” and me.


“C” would be Logan: “C” comes from a wealthy family and is very afraid of commitment. Logan was the same way.

Christopher“Prince Player” would be Christopher: This was a hard one! “Prince Player” is really one of a kind because I just could not find a character in the show that resembles him. But I thought and I thought and I thought about how “Prince Player” and I had a good connection, left me at my worst, and is now there for me and understands me when I need him the most. And in the show, the character who does that is Christopher. Christopher and Lorelai have that on and off relationship after she gets pregnant with Rory and he leaves her. But he comes back years later and gets Lorelai’s quirkiness the way others don’t. She relies on him when she’s at her worst and they have their little inside jokes. That is very me and “Prince Player”.

jess and rory 1“Heart” would be Jess: Oh yes. I saved the best for last. Calm down ladies…really who did not fall in love with Jess watching Gilmore Girls? Jess was the troubled bad boy that worked in his uncle Luke’s diner. He knows Rory better than anyone else. After falling for “Heart”, I would always think about how he resembled Jess. He’s very handsome, hard working, “bad”, and passionate about me the way Jess was to Rory. All the reviews about him say that he was the only ex-boyfriend of Rory’s that she stayed on good terms with. I hope if “Heart” and I split- we stay on jess and rorygood terms as well.

xoxo. S.

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