And So It Happened

Yes reader, after shedding a few tears and praying for six weeks that he would- he finally talked to me.

“Heart” ❤ These past few days, both “Prince Player” and “C” communicated with me. But really how thee truthcould I care about them the same way I do about “Heart” as I hate “C” and “Prince Player” will always keep treating me as just a friend.

And so this is why I prayed “Heart” would talk to me. And he did ❤ Tuesday evening, I received a text and I thought it was “Prince Player” or “C” when my phone buzzed. BUT IT WAS “HEART”. He texted me because Wednesday was a special holiday in my family and he wanted to wish me! IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and admit my weakness as I texted back, “Thanks sweetie! Miss you so much!”

And he immediately responded back that he missed me too ❤ So there we began talking. He asked me how much I missed him and I said, “So much”. And then I asked him the same. Guess what he said? “Shahz…I died every second. Your tan skin makes me cry at night.” FINALLY. A guy that likes me as much as I like him.

He explained that all he’s been doing over the summer is work. I think he works an 11am to 11pm shift almost every day. My poor baby. He also explained that he’s continuing to have a lot of family stress on top of work. No wonder why he hasn’t been speaking to me. And so he called me and we talked some more. Then he had to go to bed. I fell asleep feeling amazing.

And then I got a text from “Prince Player”. I responded even though I was half asleep. And he never responded. Why does he do that to me.

yupAnyways, I’m glad “Heart” and I are talking again…but I know it’s always going to be on and off. I’ll hate him one day, and love him the next. No one is on our side. Could you blame them? “Heart” can be so cruel at times. But…we can’t blame him either. He has so much to handle.

I wonder if timing will ever be right for me and “Heart” to pursue our relationship 😦

xoxo. S.



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