A Letter to Him, A Letter to Me

Well this is exciting. I’ve been pulling out my hair so much out of my missing “Heart” and I read in this book that a good thing to do is write a letter to someone, and then write one to yourself as a response from them.

Great. Here goes nothing.

For “Heart”:

Why oh why do you make me suffer, dear “Heart”? A month has passed since I last saw you and spoke to you. Do you plan to go the whole summer without saying a word to me? The World Cup ended Sunday so you can speak to me now.

Spare me the reason of your absence sweetie. I get it, I was a little out of it on our last day together. Could you blame me? I was upset over what happened the week before, I was in a rush to get all the crap out of my dorm, and we got together so last minute. I swear, timing is our worst enemy.

But knowing you, this probably isn’t it. You’re probably using this summer break to get over me and you’re trying to give me a hint to do the same.

I also know you have a lot going on. I hope work is going well. I hope your mother is well. And I hope your family oversees is doing well, yes I heard about what is going on in Palestine 😦 It isn’t fair. Have you heard that song “In a World Like this” by the Backstreet Boys? You probably have and you’re gonna deny it. But, it reminds me of this. And it reminds me of the question you asked when we first met- “Do you think the world is fair?” To which I responded, “Absolutely not”. And I tell you again, it isn’t. Stay strong. I’d like to cue the song now and say “In a world like this, I’ve got you” but it doesn’t seem like you want me.

So now I go back to eating madelines and praying that you’ll text me.

xoxo. Shahz. (no longer your soul or eyes)

***And so now I place myself in his shoes and write a letter to myself. Oh dear lol, bear with me!”

For Shahz:

God Shahz, why do you like me so much? I told you to stop. Yes, I’m using this summer to give us both space. You and I both know that this isn’t going to work….”in a world like this”. Did you like how I quoted the song? 😉

How dare you insult my love of soccer? I totally knew Germany would win. Anyways, don’t worry about our last time together. I was being a jerk anyway. I’m sorry. If we are together in the Fall, maybe timing will be better.

Yea, things are fine here. I’m good, my mom’s good… and you may have noticed from my Facebook status today that I am pissed the fuck off. It’s devastating Shahz! I love your homeland, I heard you’re going there to see your family in a month- have fun.

And what are you still doing listening to the Backstreet Boys? You’re so weird I swear. I do want you, you know that…but, to quote you again, “in a world like this” it isn’t happening.

Cool it on the madelines, sugar ain’t good for you!

And…I kind of need my soul and eyes. Don’t be so dramatic.

-Your Heart


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