Summer Musings Part 2- Friends, Chemistry, and Men

Today, I slept in after doing some late night Chemistry homework last night. These past few days, my friends suddenly started remembering that hey, they have an isolated friend in Colorado that exists. Because after not talking to any of them for almost a month- my phone has been buzzing!!! Monday, it was my best girlfriend from college that I have spent oh so many late nights with. Tuesday, it was Eitan. Yesterday, it was Evan. AND TODAY.

Today. As I said, I was sleeping very peacefully and I heard my phone buzz loudly. I looked at the alarm, it was 10 something and my dog was on top of me. I had a gut feeling it was “Prince Player” for some reason. “Move over sweetie” I said to my dog wanting to get to my phone. She refused so I reached over her and got it.

IT WAS “PRINCE PLAYER”. Suddenly, I was wide awake. As usual I responded and we had a nice chat and he never responded. Typical. That little bastard.

So then I went bacAlicia 1k alicia 2to missing “Heart” and studying Chem.

When I’m not studying Chemistry or missing “Heart”, I am watching my favoritealicia 3 TV show- The Good Wife. This weeks episode reminded me of my feelings for “Heart”. One time, my friend wanted to know what I liked about “Heart”- I sent him a 3 page text about it (it was basically what I wrote in A Face to Call Home), and his response was exactly what happened in the picture.

Sigh. I wish he was one of the people that would have checked up on me this week.

xoxo. S.

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