Sophomore Year Recap and Summer Musings

inspiration part 1I never thought this day would come reader. I have been waiting for my report card to write you guys a Sophomore Year recap post. And…I GOT STRAIGHT A’s!!!! Who would have thought, the girl that was on probation last year could climb up like this? I would like to thank all of you, my family, my friends, and the men in my life for popping in to help me out when I needed all of you the most ❤ Now I can only pray that I continue to do well.

Forgive me for neglecting you reader, I have been rather busy. I enrolled myself in a Chemistry course and I have to spend 5 hours on it everyday. Yay summer school! But hey, I figure I will take another shot at achieving my dreams and use my summer wisely. Not to mention, Colorado makes me feel so darn lonely! I know NOBODY here.

It makes me miss “Prince Player” and “Heart” terribly 😦 I wish I could talk to one of them. The last time I had a break this long, “Heart” was here and we talked every single day for 6 weeks. Now I have 12 weeks without him and we are not talking. I always wish that things can go back to the way it used to be, but sadly- there’s no such thing as a time machine 😦

Anyways, because of my loneliness- it would be nice if you could stop by every now and then, reader. I promise I will amuse you with my wit and charm!

xoxo. S.


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