A Letter to “Heart”: My Lost Sunrise

Oh “Heart”,

I wish I could say I had fun with you yesterday, but I did not. I had a feeling you texted me all the things you texted me a month ago and dumped me because you were drunk. It was nice of you to come back to me and explain yourself.

maya angelou quoteBut how dare you walk back into my life and expect me to be the same? Before, you were like a sunrise to me. You rose me up and made me strong, in your arms was where I belonged.

But not anymore. Let’s be honest “Heart”. This is always going to be a game of you leaving and coming back. You and me having different needs that we can’t fulfill.

You refused to cuddle me yesterday the way you used to, “It’ll make us attached” you said. Yet you had no problem going beyond that step. Well get out of my life then, “Heart!”

After you left, I felt like trash. I felt used, I did that thing where I stand in the shower and scrubbed myself for an hour. I never thought this would happen with you, but your behavior has totally changed this. I no longer feel comfortable with you 😦

You are no longer a sunrise, you are the rain that makes me so gloomy.

In a way, I feel free. I don’t like you the way I used to and that feels good. I don’t need you to be my sunrise, I can make my own.

xoxo. no longer your soul or eyes.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to “Heart”: My Lost Sunrise

  1. Feels like you’re at the point where me and Scarlett was when I decided to call it off/give up, even though I wish I hadn’t given up I had to for my hearts sake,

    So what’s actually happened since I last commented? You been seeing lots of him? Talking etc? Gimme a background check again and I will help you 😊

    Your friend

    G.S x

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