All’s Fair in Love and War Part 2 (Is it really?)

As if things could not get any worse.

My best friend was hosting this cultural event at school today, sort of like the one “Heart” and I met at. I had a feeling he was going to be there, but I had to go because like I said it was my BEST FRIEND that was hosting it.

Of course he was there. He was hanging around his friends the entire time and wouldn’t even look at me. I don’t know how you can ignore someone you used to love for almost 2 hours at a party after not seeing each other for a long time. I at least thought he would come over and ask me how I was doing!

problem taylor swifftBut really. At the end I just couldn’t take it anymore. So I walked out after 2 hours. And who was outside the door? Him.

“Oh hi!” I said not giving a shit.


“Hey, how are you” he asked, also probably not giving a shit.

Some girl was with him, so I didn’t answer- I just walked away and didn’t bother looking back.

All is not fair in love and war. What. the. crap! As I have mentioned in other posts, “Sugar”, “C”, and “Prince Player” would never ignore me if I saw them in public after a break up. Even if they did, I wouldn’t mind going up and talking to them.

But “Heart”. Holy cow. He is something else.

This has got to be the worst break-up in Shaz history.

xoxo. S.


6 thoughts on “All’s Fair in Love and War Part 2 (Is it really?)

      • You’re welcome! I’m always here if you need a chat or anything! 😊, don’t be pissed off you did well and you were strong about it so good on you!!! And please do! Life throws crazy things at you so be ready you never know he might start talking more because he may have gotten the picture that you were pissed!

        GS 🌹 x

      • You’re awesome πŸ™‚ Now that I think about it, it did take a lot of courage for me to go and support my best friend- even though I knew the ex-lover that refuses to acknowledge me would be there :/

        And yes! But really 😦 I don’t like how the person I used to love the most is now the last person I want to see or talk to.

      • So are you!!!! :), an exactly! Take the positives out of it and heck I wouldn’t go if my ex was there and I’m dying to see her lmao!!!, and well he’s missing out and sometimes you gotta show that! Smile and have fun and enjoy the quality time with your best friend! He will be messaging you in a shot!

        It’s how it is sometimes =\ sometimes the love changes like you love them but not the way you used to, I haven’t seen my ex for a longggggg time and no doubt she’s moved on etc but I still love her, and I want to see her and know she’s okay but in a way I’m glad that I’m nowhere near around her etc, I see her family sometimes and still freak out haha but I’m just glad it’s not her!

        Just keep being happy and positive about it all and everything will be a lesson positive and negative and you never know 😊

        G.S 🌹

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