All’s Fair in Love and War

Every day is some new interesting twist in the life of Shaz.

And it’s not “Prince Player” this time, it’s “Heart”. I think it’s sad (and great) that I can be more civil with “Prince Player”.

Last week, after releasing,Forgiving Prince Player,I bumped into him. I felt my stomach clench, but I told myself that I should be the bigger person and deal with it.

I thought I’d go over to him and ask how he was doing. I pulled my bra straps up and tossed my hair.

“What on earth are you doing?” My guy friend sitting next to me wanted to know.

“Um…..” I glanced over at “Prince Player”.
“Oh no. Don’t.”
“Shut up. I’m just gonna go check on him” I said as I walked on over.

And so I called out his name. He instantly turned to me so I leaned over. I decided I was gonna ask how he was.

“I really had a great time with you Saturday night!” Wait what? No that’s not what I wanted to say!

“What’d you write about me?” Oh crap.

“Good things actually. I didn’t say one bad thing about you!” I think he was flattered by this statement. He asked me if I changed his code name. Ha! No, not yet. We shall see how our “friendship” continues.

On to the next man, “Heart”. Holy shit. You’re not going to believe this reader.

happy ever after 2

***Okay so this is the section where I was supposed to write about the sickening news of “Heart”…. that is making us have a “war” but I decided that a) war is not a good word and b) there are some things a blogger must keep private.***

Sorry I got you on the edge of your seat reader 😦 But to be honest, I initially wrote the whole post with all the details about “Heart”, and I realized- I’m only writing all of that mean stuff about him because I miss him 😦

Let’s be honest. I miss his rough hands in between my soft ones. I miss his big hazel eyes. I miss my head on his chest. I miss sitting in his lap. I even miss his beard that scratches my neck when he kisses me.

This is not a war between me and him. It’s a war within myself, I need to forget him and move on. Clearly, our “fairytale” does not have a happy ending.

xoxo. S.


3 thoughts on “All’s Fair in Love and War

  1. Fairytale does have a happy ending it’s just in the modern day people have discovered what I call alternate endings! I guess life gives us the amazing gift of the idea of a fairytale love (and I’ve experienced it for a short period of time) but you’re made to feel when it’s lost or gone that it simply doesn’t exist but you’re rare in respect that you still believe and should believe :)….always believe

    G.S 🌹

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