That Day I Stopped Taking My Meds (One Year Later)

I am so proud of myself.

Holy moly, I did not think I can do it. For my new readers who have just joined my insane journey, please refer to That Day I Stopped Taking My Meds. That’s right, last year, on the night of my brother’s graduation- I tossed my ADHD meds out. They were making me sick and depressed, and when I saw my brother graduate…I was inspired to stop taking them.

And it’s been hard. I have 1,000 post it notes with to-do lists and my feelings written all over them. I panic every now and then. I don’t feel like I’m good enough at times. I freak out if someone asks me about my plans for the future. Not only that, my number one supporters, a.k.a my family, moved 1,000 miles away from me.

So how did I do it?


1) It took a lot of telling myself that I am happy with who I am, I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me, and won’t change for anyone.

2) I started working out and reduced my sugar intake.

3) I have started taking courses that are right for me and constantly visit professors during office hours. And I ask a billion questions if I don’t understand something.

4) I have confided in close friends about the situation and they ALL support me.

5) My family. My mom, dad, brother, and dog are the first people I go cry to when I fail and the first people I celebrate with when I achieve something. And let me tell you, there has been a lot of achievements lately!

Last year at this time: I was failing every other class, on probation for my scholarship, crying over a boy who didn’t want me like I wanted him, and refused to participate in social activities.

This year: I have gotten and A/B on all my midterms, I have successfully taught the class required for my scholarship, went through a harsh break up with a wonderful guy but I understand it’s for the best, and got chosen to give a motivational speech at school πŸ™‚ YAY!

I guess you could say…I’m a little bit stronger πŸ˜‰

Cheers to me. If you don’t mind me reader, my friends are taking me out to ice cream!

And reader, I almost forgot, thank YOU for standing beside me and following my journey this past year! πŸ™‚

xoxo. Shaz.

2 thoughts on “That Day I Stopped Taking My Meds (One Year Later)

  1. This is so awesome and inspirational. I’ve been medicated for ADHD since I was 5 (I’m now 22) and have been trying my hardest to get off the meds but still keep my grades up. It’s wonderful to see that it is possible to live without them. I hate how badly it messes with my mind and body.

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