The Distanced Mother’s Day

momI know that most of my readers are moms- bless your souls. I hope you are having a wonderful day with your family! 🙂

I can’t believe this is my first mother’s day being a 1,000 miles away from my mom. Every year, this would be the time I sit in a spa and get manicures with her. Sadly though, it’s not happening this year 😦 In fact, my mom just received a package from me with a $9 Hallmark card and a heart necklace. Things haven’t been the same since mama left for Colorado, but I have become one tough woman.

Because of my mom, and all her support this past year, I have finally become the woman I want to be. I’m doing better in school, controlling my emotions, and helping everyone every chance I get. Every day, she tells me I inspire her. She doesn’t know it…but it’s all because of her. I’ll always remember how she would calm my dad down when he would go ballistic on me about school, the way she would leave chai on my desk when she saw me studying at 3:00 in the morning, and how although she moved to Colorado- I still feel she is present with me as she texts me and send me selfies every hour. There’s a reason to love moms- they’ll never leave you.

So whether you are a mom or a single dad who has to play both roles- I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day ❤ The world would suck without you!

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

xoxo. Shaz.


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