“ADHD and Heartbreak”

ADHD and heartbreak is not a fun combination.

It’s what keeps you up at night,
tossing and turning
waiting for that hopeful text.

It’s what makes you wake up
bright and early every day,
wondering if that day will be the day
you can finally see them and say “hey”.

It’s all you think about,
people around you talk
but you hear nothing.

It’s the only thing you can write about,
you write thousands of words and
throw away hundreds of drafts.

It’s a box of letters hidden under your bed,
you know they’ll never read them.

It’s dialing their number on the phone,
and then hanging up
because you don’t know what to say.

It’s what makes you turn off the radio,
because every song is about them.

It’s what makes you stare at the ceiling
after a long day
and wonder what went wrong.

It’s blaming yourself,
even though it’s not your fault.

It’s what makes you stop reading
your novel,
and question
“Where’s my happy ending?”

It’s feeling happy one moment,
and then crying the next
because they’re not
there to celebrate with you.

But mostly,
it’s that empty space in your heart.

They’re the only thing that’s missing.

ADHD and heartbreak is not a fun combination.

cropped-c16bdca9cff78eaa544147ecad9492cc1.jpeg ©Copyright 2014 by Shaz at For The Love Of Sass
All rights reserved.

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