The Heart Around My Neck

My necklace.

I lost it. OMG. I knew the day that I lost my heart necklace all hell would break loose. I must have left it on the dresser in the hotel I stayed at in New York.

This necklace, that my mom gave to me last year is very special to me. It has two hearts, one little one and one big one. The little heart says “be brave” and the big heart says “love life, live in the moment”. I hated that necklace at first, I almost returned it. But during that awful time in my life last year with the learning disability, “Prince Player”, and moving- it has stayed with me. I would hold my necklace everyday and tell myself, “be brave”. To me, the big heart was my mom and the little heart was me.

And today I noticed it was gone.

Things are not going well already. I waited and waited for a text from “Heart” as Tuesdays are our day, but “Heart” finally texted saying he can’t see me today. And then, I decided to follow up with my internship recruiter as I haven’t heard anything in over a month. As it turned out, I had gotten the internship- but I never responded to my acceptance notification. I NEVER GOT AN ACCEPTANCE NOTIFICATION. I tried explaining this to them, but they said training for the internship has passed and they can no longer accept me 😦

I feel so incomplete. I want the heart around my neck back.

xoxo. S.


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