Hard To Love

Dear reader,

“Heart” is back in my life again for those that didn’t hear. He still loves me very deeply, and is just trying to get a grasp of everything that is going on in his life. And I feel the same way about him. I am finally complete again.

But loving him is just so hard. After I spent time with him last week and then this week, I didn’t feel that “happiness” I usually feel after I’m with him. Instead, I feel sad.

Today, he told me being with me is like heaven. I feel that with him too.

But our time together is always limited. Just when he gets me on cloud nine, he has to go and work his day/night job or take care of his mother.

Whenever I’m with him, I always have this feeling he’s going to leave me again. Him with all these important life matters he needs to take care of and me constantly waiting for him…it’s driving us both nuts. But, in my eyes, our love is too strong to let those affect us.

I told this to one of my girls yesterday, about how “Heart” is struggling so much our time is limited and I fear he may leave again.

You know what she said? “Y’all better spend as much time as you possibly can and enjoy every single minute!” Ain’t that the truth 😦

xoxo. S.


3 thoughts on “Hard To Love

  1. Hun it is okay I feel the same I see my fiancé 1 day out of the week and we live together. If you love him so much and he does you, you can make it work trust me. Just treasure those times together and one day you will get the time to do what you want, you’re both just stuck at the moment. X

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