Someone cut the onions today…and other weekly musings!

I have been doing so well keeping everything together.

The first week back at school has been good. My psychologist told me to take 12 credits considering my “issues”. Imagine his shock when I informed him I’m taking 18 credits…. (I like to stay busy, it takes my mind off things.) But really! I feel great. I am back from Denver, I know which learning disabilities I have, and I am enjoying my classes. I saw that bastard “Heart” on Monday and I just sucked it up. I saw all my friends this week and we were all happy to see each other. So what happened today?

ever sinceWell, I went to see my lovely therapist today and I was sharing all these AMAZING things that are happening to me right now and…I started bawling. The one person who I wanted to share all of this happy news with isn’t here for me anymore 😦

Really, who cut the onions today? Because I have been so happy lately…and out of no where…these tears! My god I was so upset that I didn’t have my love interest “Heart” to share all of this with that I contemplated texting “Sugar” or “Prince Player”!

And yes, I know I have my readers and all my lovely friends ❤ My therapist asked me today what my friends and readers have been telling me to comfort me, I told her, “They say that they are sorry that I don’t have the one person I love to share all of this joy with…but he’s an asshole.” We laughed at that 🙂

I tried practicing it with my guy friend yesterday,

“Say it with me Shaz, HE. IS. AN. ASSHOLE.” he said.

I gave it a try.”HE IS. HE IS. HE IS….. HE’S MY MAN!!!” my poor guy friend, he shook his head.

“Let’s try this again, Shaz. HE. IS. AN. ASSHOLE” he said.

“He. is. an. asshole?” I finally said.

“There ya go! You see? Now you just keep saying that to yourself! Try saying it with a bit more confidence though…” he said.

Now if you don’t mind me reader. I’m gonna go watch some Sex and the City, and repeat my “He is an asshole” mantra.

Have a lovely weekend!

xoxo. S.

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