A Letter To “Heart” (How could you?)

Dear qalb,

Why 😦 After I wrote such an amazing letter to you last night, you call me on the phone and tell me all the things I didn’t want to hear.

You told me to forget you. You told me to date your best friend. You told me to move on.

destiny“I don’t mind sharing you with him. I can’t have you anyway. We talked about this already.” you said. Sharing is cute in pre-school. BUT NOT NOW!

I’m glad our little fairytale meant nothing to you. I told you we could make it work, I told you it wasn’t impossible. My biggest fear is that you’re going to find someone else. Going on and using some other girl, is not going to do you any justice! You still won’t forget me and you’ll regret it.

“How could you like me so much? All I ever did was make you smile once” you said. Well gee, isn’t that enough for a woman?

We were supposed to make 1,000 memories together. We were supposed to do all the things we said we would do. I had so many things to tell you.

How could you?

xo. No longer your soul. Or eyes.


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