Stuff My Past Lovers Said (“Heart”)

When I Told Him I Was A Sassy Blogger

Him: “Well now I feel so pressured! I don’t want to be featured in your blog of shame!!!”

When He Showed Me A Picture Of the Night We Met

Me: “Hey…that’s the event we met at.”

Him: “No, we met in heaven because you’re my angel”

When He Would Flirt With Me

Him: “You’re so hot Shahz. Honestly, like some hot pepper or something.”

When It Came to Me Doubting My Intelligence

Me: “No I’m not really smart. There’s a reason I take classes in the winter and summer- to get back on top!”

Him- “You’re still on top, you never fell off.”

gerard piqueWhen It Came to Being a Celebrity Couple

Him: “No we cannot be like Shakira and Gerard Pique just because you’re a belly dancer and I’m a soccer player… I hate Pique!!!”

When It Came To Future Plans

Him: “No we’re not going to have any babies. But if we did, it would be a boy and it will be very handsome like his father! Fine, fine, you’re cuter. Our baby girl will be cute like her mother. But she is NOT allowed to be a belly dancer, okay?”

When I Was Pissed Off At Him and Turned My Face

Him: “Hey! Victoria’s Secret model! Shahz! Shahz! I’m talking to you, hello!”

On My Hardest Days

Him: “SMILE, PRINCESS! I don’t want you to be upset!”

When I Sensed He Was Going To Break Up With Me

Me: “Everyday, I’m gonna cry thinking of your beautiful eyes!”

Him: “I know right? They’re hazel!”

Me: “Exactly….a sexy Arab boy with hazel eyes. When will I ever find that again?”

When He Broke Up With Me

Him: “Hey, I know I told you I would find you a new sexy Arab dude to replace me if I ever dumped you, but I just can’t. I’ll be too jealous. But don’t worry, I bet you will find a new man in three weeks!”

Well then. Happy 1 month of our break up, “Heart”. Believe it or not, I’m still as single as a pringle. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about one of these phrases you have said. Some of them made me laugh, and some of them inspired me. But what means the most to me, is all the words we never said to each other- our silence. I miss you more than I can write.

To my readers, I was inspired by that book I told you about in last weeks post, “Shit My Dad Says”. Thanks for sticking by me this month ❤

xoxo. Shaz.


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