5 Things Not To Say To Your Introverted Newly Single Friend

what hurts the most 21.) “You guys broke up already? It’s only been like two months!”

And your point is? He and I made every single minute of those two months count.

2.) “It’s his loss.”

Thanks. But it’s my loss too.


No thanks. I would like to be by myself and decompress for a while thank you.

4.) “You’ll find someone else in no time”

It’s not easy for me to connect with people and trust them. It does take time.

5.) “How are you?”

Lonely. Empty. Confused. Ready to fall apart. Yea mixed feelings. Hope that answers your question.

Dear reader,

You know your friends better than most. Don’t harass them with these questions after a break-up. Of course you’re only trying to help, but some of these- don’t really help your introverted friend. Your best bet? Ask them how you can help, and let them know you are there when they are finally ready to talk about it.

xoxo. S.

4 thoughts on “5 Things Not To Say To Your Introverted Newly Single Friend

  1. You’re right, they really are just trying to help. I’m introverted as well though and all I want is for someone to bring me coffee and just sit with me until I’m ready to talk about whatever I want. Most of the time I don’t want to talk at all but it’s just nice to know that someone cares. Sending you cyber hugs from New Zealand!

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