Coming Back to Reality (Weekend Musings!)


This past weekend started out pretty awesome. I loved being in Colorado with my family. It was so much fun being on the mountains, listening to country music, and eating some great Southern/Western food.

And then yesterday, I had a health emergency. Since my flight was leaving in 4 hours (or so I thought), I couldn’t go see a doctor so I just decided to wait until today and book make an appointment to see a doctor at school.

Lovely. So then I got to the airport. I said goodbye to my parents, they told me to stay strong and call them as soon as I see the doctor. I held back tears, told them goodbye, and proceeded to my flight. It was delayed 4 times. That last time, we were even told to get off the plane and ended up having to re-board it an hour and a half later. Within that time period, I could have seen a doctor in Colorado. But no, so I landed in Chicago very late at night. I missed all my classes, and just went to sleep.

That bring us to today. Fearing my appointment, I went to grab some coffee to calm myself. On my way out, who do I see lomemoryoking handsome than ever. “Heart”. He caught my eye, smiled, and turned back to the girl he was talking to. Can you say strangers? I continued walking my way. But noticed he was on the opposite street, so I decided to have a conversation with him. I shouted “HEY!” and he waved. I asked him a question jokingly, and he smiled. And then we reached our places, I shouted “BYE!” and he waved again. Did you catch that reader? Him- Silence. Me- Words. I hate this. I can’t believe someone that has become so close to me is like a stranger now.

Anyways, I just got back from my appointment. Everything is fine and in the process of healing.

I already miss my parents and the peacefulness of Colorado. Seeing “Heart” today gave me a reality flash, I am back to being a crazy busy science major without a little love in my life.


xoxo. S.


2 thoughts on “Coming Back to Reality (Weekend Musings!)

  1. Didn’t you mention that “heart” read this blog? I can’t believe that if he looks at it he could be so cruel, especially after you were so close before.
    I think the best thing you can try to do (and I know it’s hard) is to get together with your friends, work hard at your studies and just *try* to forget about love for a bit. Treat yourself to ice cream and movies and try to heal a bit. Then, when you feel stronger life will seem easier (guys included).

    • No love 😦 He’s the one that doesn’t read this blog because he understands me without even reading it. And I try not to be upset because even though he doesn’t show it, I can tell he is hurting as well. Thanks for stopping by ❤

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