What it is it with guys and….(Why my Valentine’s Day turned upside down)

xbox 360. The biggest boyfriend stealer of all.

Please reader, humor me. Especially if you are a male.

Because, I was having a really awesome Valentine’s Day yesterday. Compared to last year, *ahem* Getting Dumped On Valentine’s Day- And other awful weekly musings…. I was reading my blogger stats, and that was the most read post today! Apparently, so many people became heartbroken this Valentine’s Day! Anyways, it really made me think and I am amazed at my maturity I have gained this past year. I am very much so over what happened that day, I still hate “Prince Player” for what he did but I still care about him and hope we can be friends again.

IMG_0949My mom sent me a huge care package from Denver filled with lots of chocolate and a cute card 🙂 I was also enjoying my new sense on singledom and I was very happy. Around 8, I decided to send “Heart” a video message wishing him a Valentine’s Day and thanking him for what he’s given me these past few months. No response, I knew he was working.

I decided to just go to sleep, as I had an early flight to go home today. And then around midnight when he got back from work, I get a response from “Heart”. It was short, nothing special. Since he already woke me up, I decided to get on Facebook.

Only a few minutes after he had texted me, he posted a status saying something along the lines of “School, parents, haters, always try to break us apart. But shit, our relationship is on another level. It can never be broken. Spending the night with my lovely gf. My Xbox 360.” Well then, before he said the words xbox 360, I could have sworn he was talking about me. Although we broke up, he said he’d still be my Valentine! Valentine my ass.

xboxSo absolutely disturbed, I scroll down my news feed even more- and guess who also spent his night with an xbox 360? “Prince Player”. Oh and “Sugar”? He was with his model girlfriend. But I swear to you, if not for her, he would have also been with his xbox 360.

Somebody please explain to me, I am dying for one of these men to come back to me and say- “It’s not you, it’s me…and my xbox.”

I hope all of my reader’s had somewhat of a better Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry I’m not sad, although I feel betrayed by the Xbox- I am slightly humored.

Now if you don’t mind reader, I am off to Denver for the weekend. I am ready to get out of here and take my mind off things. Peace!

xoxo. S.


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