If you love something so much, do you let it go?

tumblr_maikxn1Zqo1rov4hho2_500Reader, what happened to me :(. Oh I guess you already know, The Sweetest Goodbye.

I feel like my heart is empty. I was doing so fine with the whole break-up until I got in an argument with my father again. We made up but still, “Heart” wasn’t there to comfort me and tell me to be strong. And it just served as a reminder that…I’m all by myself again.

Every time I close my eyes, I just see his beautiful hazel eyes and feel his arms around me. And it makes me cry every single time. My sleep has been superb this week. Why? Because I’m so tired and sad that it just comes so easily to me. I’d rather be up all night and happy than suffer through this.

What a busy week. Midterms piled on midterms. Today I have class, three meetings, and an event to get to. I just want to be alone.

Anyways, did you catch this Super Bowl commercial this past Sunday, reader? Look at that energetic puppy wanting to be with his horse friend. Look at his emotion and listen to the song, that’s exactly how I feel ❤

The first time I saw this, I just remembered getting my own yellow lab puppy who looks exactly like the one in this video and LOVES to run away to the horses in our neighbor’s barn. But as I saw it over and over again, I saw the true meaning. I saw the behind the scenes video, and the actor said, “If you love something so much, you let it go”. Damn Budweiser, way to go.

xoxo. S.

5 thoughts on “If you love something so much, do you let it go?

  1. Definitely tough, I can hear it in the way you wrote this. The bad news is, you’ll probably feel this way for a little while longer. The good news is that time never stops and there will eventually come a time when you come to terms with it. Until that day comes, no shame or embarrassment in missing what you had. Just shows you really cared. The song: “From where you are” by Lifehouse sounds like a song you might be able to relate to. Check it out! Good luck!

    • Very wise words, Paul. I assume you read The Sweetest Goodbye, I feel like that had more emotion than this. I listened to the song, it’s perfect except he and I are not 1,000 miles away. We will be when I go back home, but that doesn’t really matter anymore. Thank you for sharing the song! And as always, thanks for stopping by.

  2. Oh noes!!


    It WILL get better with time and don’t beat yourself up too much if you are feeling sad. You’ve got to have the time to grieve. You have after all lost something… that was such a huge part of your life!

    Sending love your way! in the meantime it’s okay to eat chocolate and buy shoes (as long as you’re not using a credit card) and even take yourself on a date to the movies eh!


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