When You Tell Love Interests You’re A Popular Sassy Blogger

They want to duck and hide.

Seriously. Cuz if you’re anything like me, you write about them 😉 I thought about doing this post shortly after I published, I may have already let the cat out of the bag… blogging about family and friends.

I remember I first started this blog in January of last year. At that time, I was oh so confused about what was going on with me and Prince Player. Up until April, I kept it a secret from him. And one day, I just gave him the link.

I still remember his text: “How much of that is about me?”

And I remember texting back: “Um. Well…. Half.”

I thought Prince Player would be like most of my friends, who have the link and don’t read it. I only gave the link to those friends because it was the early stages of my blog and I wasn’t writing anything risque those days. But today, I sure do. And I hope to God they don’t read it.

Anyways back to Prince Player, as it turns out- he does read it.

Last week he apologized for the way he treated me at that meeting. I knew for a fact he didn’t know he hurt my feelings. I was so shocked, how did he know? I asked him how he knew and do you know what he said? “Oh you know…where you post it publicly lol…” Well holy crap. I had just stepped in shit and there was no turning back! For the love of sass, he’s talking about this blog!

My reaction: Erm. Okay. Sometimes, I appreciate that he can understand me better through my writing. Other times, I feel bad about pouring my heart out. I fear that he will feel bad or upset with me for sharing our information. But most of the time, I’m just glad I can say what I things i couldnt sayneed to say. It is very very very hard to talk to him in person. Every time I want to say something to him, my mind goes blank and forgets. Clearly, my heart still has not recovered from our fiasco.

The next guy I told was Sugar. Sugar has known me all my life. He even read the blog I wrote before this when I was 14. However, that blog had nothing to do with men, it was more about growing up in the culture we both grew up in. So he loved reading it. In fact, it brought us back together. This blog however, is about him. And I doubt he reads it.

My reaction: I wish he did read it (only the sections about him). Obviously, I don’t really feel the same way about him as I used to- but he should know all the things I was never able to say.

And finally, Heart ❤ The first day we met, he asked me about my passions in life. And I said, “I love to write. In fact, I have my own blog and it is very popular. However, I don’t let anyone read it because it’s very risque nowdays and I don’t want anyone to judge me.”

He respected that. But as our relationship became more intense, there were things I wanted to share with him- but my mouth wouldn’t say it. For instance, I wanted to tell him about the ADHD. So, I sent him the link to That Day I Stopped Taking My Meds. I will never forget his acceptance. “Wow. What an inspiring story. I can’t believe you let me read your blog. Thank you for the trust ❤ I promise I won’t read anything else”.
My reaction: I’m happy he doesn’t read the blog. There’s no reason for him to do it, he understands me without even reading it. We can talk about things openly and honestly. And that my blogger friends, is a true gift and I am lucky.

Okay enough of my babbling! I want to hear from my readers! Does your sweetie know you write about them?!?

xoxo. S.

7 thoughts on “When You Tell Love Interests You’re A Popular Sassy Blogger

  1. I have a similar situation with my boyfriend who reads my blog – we talk about everything and are so close anyway, but it has really touched my heart when he’s read something that seemed tiny ton me in my blog posts but has remembered it later on and used ti to surprise me with something or even just brought it up in conversation – just seems really sweet. Although, I can imagine it must also be pretty terrifying that if he does something wrong that I might publicise it to the world.. haha

  2. I really love this post. However at the moment all I can think is “Stupid boys and their stupid boy penises” I’m projecting though. I really like this.

  3. I’m currently Sweetyless! Though everyone else in my family knows I write about them! lol

    My bestie even comes into comment on my blog pretty regularly 🙂

    I love the graphic with this post – awesomeness.


      • It’s almost like being stuck in a never ending Mills & Boon novel (but wayyyy better quality).. lol

        Some people are meant to be our lives for a long time, some for a short time, though each and everyone provides us with opportunities to learn!


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