Thanks to My Guy Friends

I owe my guy friends a huge thank you for helping me get my sanity back.

After reaching out to my guy friends on Tuesday night, I woke up yesterday morning feeling great. Even the guys who weren’t able to answer their phone late Tuesday night actually called back yesterday morning to check up on me. I FELT SO LOVED.

In the midst of all the random calls and texts, my phone rang. I asked myself “Who could that be?” as everyone who I called already returned my call. IT WAS HEART!!!! And what do you know, all my readers and male friends were right…he just got a new job and has been working non-stop. Well no wonder… we had an amazing conversation. He said he’s been missing me like crazy and wouldn’t stop thinking about me. I said I felt the same way! He asked me if I was free, sadly I had class and work 😦 He’s not free on Thursdays anymore. We have decided to see each other on Tuesdays. Fridays if Tuesdays are not possible. Tuesdays are a rather awkward time for me as it is somewhat the beginning of the week and I have a lot of work for Wednesday. But what Heart said sticks to me, “A moment with you on any day, is better than not having a single moment with you for weeks”.

It’s hard to believe that a man actually likes me. But it sure does feel nice 🙂 And if he ever leaves me, I will go cry to my guy friends ❤

xoxo. S.

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