What Michelle Said About Me

Nothing but good things I promise you πŸ™‚

I just couldn’t think of a clever title. Oops. But, as it is “More About Me Monday”, and Michelle really nailed it on the sweet things she wrote about me- I just had to share it! I talked about Michelle in my last post when I nominated her for the award, and this was part of her beautiful response.

“I have a passion for writing and sharing my stories openly and honestly has been a great help to me in accepting the woman I have become, coming to terms with past mistakes and in looking forward to the future. I have discovered a lot of amazing people and stories since I began blogging with WordPress, Shaz being one of them. She writes from her heart and really opens herself up, inviting us into her world, her struggles and her triumphs. I have the utmost admiration for people who can bare their soul and be true about who they are and how they feel at any moment in time knowing that we grow and change by the second. Shaz reminds me of a much younger version of myself and I want to give her all my wisdom in one big swoop and take away any hurt that she may be feeling. I watch her life unfold and watch her grow, endure, hurt, laugh and learn. I quietly encourage her because I think she is an amazing young lady and I know that she will be just fine.”

If only my readers knew how much words like this mean to me. Every day is a new struggle in the world of love and being a science major. To get up every morning, smile, look people in the eye and say I’m doing just fine even if I don’t feel it. But at the end of the day? It’s readers and blogger friends like Michelle that remind me I am strong and can get through anything.

xoxo. S.

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