Chemistry (the class and love) and other weekly musings!

Oh reader,

What a week. I studied so hard for that chem exam. I cancelled my date with the boo for it. I cut all social activities for the week. I gave up my sleep, and guess what happened today?

I saw that exam, and freaked. So many numbers and formulas staring at me-jeez. So sad.

After class, I bumped into Prince Player. I tried to start a conversation with him, and he practically ignored me. And he gave me one word answers. He seemed really tired, he must have a Friday morning class like me. He told me he was really busy (that chemistryis nothing new). It just reminded me of all the reasons why we never got along. Well then, I guess that chemistry will never work out. Not that I care anymore.

I’m so sad I didn’t get to spend time with Heart this week. Usually, when we can’t see each other- we text, snapchat, and communicate somehow. But this week, it just didn’t happen. I’d think it’s because he knew about the exam and knew I didn’t want to be bothered. But I miss him. And I want is our chemistry back.

Sigh. I hope everything gets better in chemistry (all sorts of chemistry).

Saturday Update: So…I saw Prince Player again today. Why must I be in the same organizations he’s involved in? I didn’t want to talk to him after the way he treated me yesterday. I’m guessing he got more sleep last night as he actually decided to acknowledge my presence today and engage in a conversation with me. But. I don’t know. I haven’t slept well in days, so I was the one in a tired mood today. It was nice of him to ask how I was and say “Is that a real smile?” when I faked one, looked directly in his eyes, and said “good”. No sweetie, it wasn’t a real smile. I’m tired just like you, have a ton of homework, and don’t have time for the meetings we have to go to. Oh and, I let ADHD get the best of me on my Chem exam yesterday.

And yes, I’m still waiting by the phone wishing Heart will call.

xoxo. Shaz.

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