Chemistry Blues

Okay reader,

I am in complete panic mode. My first college Chemistry exam is Friday. My professor has ever so politely said “I don’t know if you heard, but my exams are really hard. And I do not believe in curving”. Say what now. This just so happens to be the week that I have work and several meetings to get to.

I can’t sleep. I can’t do homework. I can’t study. I’m just thinking about how hard the test will be and staring at the ceiling.

Oh yea, and I already told “Heart” that this week may not be the best week to hang out. He agreed. And so, I walked to my class today with minimal make up and my hair in it’s Monday frizz…who do I see? Yes, “Heart”. But unlike some people, “Heart” likes me for who I am and gave me a huge smile as he quickly grabbed my hand, said hello, and walked past each other. Made my day.

But still. I’m freaking out about that exam reader! HELP.

xoxo. S.

P.S- Happy Martin Luther King Day! πŸ™‚

martin luther king

4 thoughts on “Chemistry Blues

  1. A test is only hard if you’re not prepared. You have 3 days between now and Friday to learn as much as you can for the test. Don’t let the Prof psych you out. Of course the exam is hard…what exam isn’t? Study as much as you can, maybe go ask the Prof for “help” while trying to get hints on what might be on the exam. I always treated exams like a boxing match…as dumb as it sounds. Even if I knew I knew nothing, I’d always find a way to fight and do as best as I could. Hope I helped. Good luck!

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