Falling in Love (Again)

Oh gosh reader,

My week was so frustrating…until guess who called again? “Heart” ❤ He’s just been really busy.

We had our first date yesterday, god it was wonderful. I just want to replay it over and over again.

We met right before Thanksgiving when I was performing at an event our college was hosting. Can you guess what I was doing? Yup. I was belly dancing ❤ And I caught his eye right away! He’s everything I ever dreamed of: A sexy Arab guy, Sagittarius, and faithful.

It was nice to visit him in Denver, but it’s good to be back in our hometown. He’s going through a lot financially and with his family, I’m so nervous that I won’t know how to help him and he won’t be able to spend time with me.

Falling For YouBut god, after yesterday, I pray that he stays with me. He wouldn’t stop complimenting me, my favorite thing he probably said was “You’re a hundred out of a ten.” Also, he wouldn’t stop grabbing me and playing with me lol! He’s so perfect. He fits my kinkiness and cuteness really well.

If I lose him, I’ll be really upset. I fell for him as easily as I did for “Sugar” and “Prince Player”. And both of those ended badly 😦 I’m not going to forgive “Sugar” for dating the model, and I sure as hell won’t forgive “Prince Player” for hooking up with girls who are my friends and saying things like “I don’t like you the way I like her”.

I hope it all works out reader. Because quite frankly, I’m totally falling for “Heart”.

xoxo. S.


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