Flight cancellations, flying first class, and coming back to school (oh the frustration)

Goodness reader,

I am sorry I have neglected you since my 1 whole year of blogging bliss…Happy Blogiversary to me! post. Shame on me!

But, things have been very frustrating lately. I was supposed to fly back to school Saturday night, and guess what? My flight was cancelled. As many other peoples flights were also cancelled because of weather.

But the thing was, I had to get my butt back to school! So, I was very dissapointed to see that the best United Airlines can do was book to a Monday night flight! Tweeting about how frustrated I was about missing the first day of classes, a writer for my college newspaper interviewed me and other students in the same situation. This article and many other complaints…caused us to have a snow day yesterday! 🙂 It was nice, except the writer totally misquoted me a lot. He said I would only be missing one class, um no I woulda missed 2 important classes had there not been a snow day (at schools that follow the tri-mester chedule that is the norm- 2 classes per day). I hope people don’t read it and think I’m a lazy bum.

Anyways, my flight got delayed again pushing me to fly in finally today afternoon! The good news? I got upgraded to First Class 🙂 I feel very blessed to have a family that makes me travel a lot with them, our frequent flyer miles come in good use! I got off the flight feeling very nauseated though. A lot of turbulence and sitting in the front made me sick to my stomach. I swear I sat with my head in between my legs the whole time.

I was so happy when I got off the stupid flight. Hey, I’m just lucky I made it. My driver who drove me to school was rather flirtatious, he said “I saw you on TV last night. You were that beautiful model on the red carpet!” Okayyyyyyyyyyy. Creep.

And then, finally I made it back to school. I got slammed with a lot of homework and make up work since I missed my classes. I have tons of things to unpack and set up. I am already homesick and miss my family. I need groceries. “Heart” hasn’t talked to me in days… we agreed we’d hang out as soon as I get back. Oh, and I have Chemistry on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Do you see the frustration?

Wish me luck!

xoxo. Shaz.

4 thoughts on “Flight cancellations, flying first class, and coming back to school (oh the frustration)

  1. Sounds frustrating. On the bright side, you have an epic story to tell and further proof that all cab drivers are creeps! It’s not all that bad! haha good luck with chemistry.

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