Approaching the big two-zero….and other musings

Goodness reader,

Can you believe that I, Shaz, the wild Sagittarius woman will be 20 years old next week? EEP!

I certainly can’t. For goodness sake, I still heart my I’s and cry “DADDYYYYY!” when I’m upset.

age is just a numberI’ll admit it. I’m proud of the stuff I have accomplished in the past two decades. I’ve worked hard to help people and traveled to as many countries as I could.

But I always feel like I haven’t done enough and that I should do more. Maybe that’s why I’m fearing the big two-zero. Because I know that in this next decade of my life, I need to get it together. I need to finish college, hopefully med school, and get an amazing job. If my prince charming pops in somewhere around there I will be super happy.

But to set the record straight. I’m really hard on myself. Maybe that’s what I should work on in my 20’s, being genuinely proud of myself!

Anyways, enough about my age. NEVER ASK A WOMAN HER AGE.

Hmm what else happened this week? Well, aside from the birthday countdown and my boring online course…I went shopping and guess who I bumped into??? My friend from college, who is working in Colorado this break. Okay fine, I didn’t bump into him. He told me he was working at the mall and well, it’s actually right near my house, sooo I made plans to go see him. It was fun. I really like him, we’re going out for a fun belated birthday dinner date when we get back to school 🙂 I’m excited. 20 may or may not bring some fun things in to my life 😉

xoxo. S.


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