“His Version”, Sugar’s Birthday, hearing back from college friends…and other weekly musings!

Hello reader,

I hope you enjoyed your first week of December. I certainly did. I started my online course for winter break and it is soooo boring. Also, we had a huge snowstorm and -11 degree weather over here in Colorado. Like…that’s CRAZY. I’ve been bragging about the nice and sunny weather we’ve been having!! So I was pretty much stuck at home this week- no shopping and going out for me 😦

BUT. All this staying inside gave me a genius idea! Last week as I sat around trying to come up with this week’s poem, I was at a loss for words. I felt like I have already written all the poems I can about how I feel. And then, I had an idea. “HIS VERSION”. Why not write the guy’s version of things?? I decided I would start with my post popular poem “Fake”…but an hour later, I was sitting with a blank paper. That poem is still hard for me to accept and I would literally have to talk to the “subject” of the poem a.k.a Prince Player to come up with a “his version” (which btw I totally have, but well…it’s still very hard to write). So maybe another day!

Anyways, I decided to go to my second most popular poem “Forbidden”- Poem of the Week. And for some reason, that one was a hecka lot easier. I was able to get into the “subject’s” mind immediately and come up with words. I guess it’s because it’s about Sugar. I don’t know what it is about us two- we get each other. I never have to explain how I feel to him, and he never has to explain to me…because we just know. It’s probably because we’re both Sagittarius’s and only 12 days apart. Which reminds me, his birthday’s today. I’m trying not to imagine how he and his model girlfriend are celebrating… her with MY man, in MY hometown probably. How dare she?

Sigh. On to the next musing. During this boring week, I was relieved to hear back from so many friends! It’s only been about 2 weeks that we’ve all been away on break, but still it felt so great. They know I’m super lonely here in Colorado and it was nice of them to update me and ask me how I’m doing.

But for some reason…guess who’s text made me the happiest? Prince Player’s! Goodness. I don’t know what came over me, when he texted, I was ECSTATIC. For only about a second, but still. I guess it’s because I’m a caring person and lately I’ve been wondering how he’s been doing…and his text updated me on that and I was happy to know. But then again, I’m very lonely and totally isolated in Colorado, really ANYONE’S text would make me ecstatic.

tumblr_mddky63N7O1r40g12o1_500Other than that, that cute Arab guy I met at school, and has made it really clear that he wants me…guess where he’s vacationing right now? COLORADO. 15 minutes away from me…Oh and here’s the other perk, HE’S A SAGITTARIUS TOO. We’re only 4 days apart. He says we should meet up and celebrate our birthday’s together. Mmmmm I’m scared. The amount of heartbreak I faced these past two years is horrendous! I’m so mean aren’t I reader? I feel so bad 😦 But reader, you have to be on my side! I seriously can’t take another heartbreak and you know how I still have feelings for literally all the guys I write about on this blog…

Don’t roll your eyes at me reader, I’ll get it together sooner or later ❤

xoxo. S.

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