“Forbidden” (His Version)

I looked out my window today,
at the grass in which we used to lay.

Loving her is risky.

If her daddy found out,
he’d probably have a shot of whiskey.

Because of this,
I have another girl,
but she’s not the one that makes my stomach twirl.

I don’t know what it is about her.

Her laugh,
my day is made.

Her eyes,
I feel her soul.

Her smile.
I swear my world stops.

Her innocence,
I want to hold her in my arms forever.

Loving her is risky.

Why must our love be forbidden?

cropped-c16bdca9cff78eaa544147ecad9492cc1.jpeg ©Copyright 2013 by Shaz at For The Love of Sass.
All rights reserved.

6 thoughts on ““Forbidden” (His Version)

      • Cry Baby is definitely not along the lines of Romeo and Juliet – although the main theme is there. Individuals from completely different sides of the fence who under no circumstances should be together. I.e – Forbidden.

        Though Cry Baby is actually a John Walters produced comedy/romance (with a happy ending) – hence why i said I had no idea why I thought of it in relation to this poem)

        You do capture that darkness of, ‘there is no way this can work’…. well delivered.

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