Why I Love December

Reader! I am in such a good mood. December is my favorite month.

I remember I was chatting with “Prince Player” a few months ago and he asked me “When’s your birthday? January right?”

I sucked in an insulted breath and mentally replied, “Um no sweetie. January is actually the birthday month of the girl you were screwing behind my back. My birthday is in DECEMBER.”

And of course, when he caught on that it was in December, he said “Oh…my bad. I knew it was in the winter!”

Oh so that’s all you think December is? Just a plain old winter month? Let me tell you something sweetheart, there is nothing better about January and February (don’t get me started on Valentine’s day, we don’t get along).

Here’s why I love December:

sagittarius1) It’s Sagittarius season! Oh heck yes. Where are all the blunt, sassy, beautiful, and sweet women like me?! It’s birthday month ladies (and guys). Go crazy. Please be safe though, the world would suck without us Sagittarius’s 🙂

2) It’s the holidays Whether you celebrate Christholidaysmas or not, you gotta love the happy mood everyone’s suddenly in. If you go shopping, things are suddenly ridiculously cheaper. And if you do celebrate Christmas, how about those awesome presents? Oh and don’t forget about those cute reindeer pajamas you get to wear!!!

And remember, whether or not you are a Christmas person, we always have New Year’s Eve!

12 men of christmas3) ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas Because you know, there is nothing better than curling up and watching cute sappy romantic holiday movies as a warm up to the holiday ahead.

P.S- Hallmark and Lifetime does something very similar! My favorite ones are always the Lifetime ones 😉

4) Michael Buble’s Christmas Album Oh my god. Pmichael buble christmasure seduction. All of your favorite Christmas songs from your childhood sung by the amazing Michael Buble. My favorite is “Cold December Night” and “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”.

peppermint hot chocolate5) Peppermint Hot Chocolate Well…I don’t know about you but I don’t like hot chocolate unless there is a “kick” in it and peppermint always does the trick!


But how about you reader? Why do YOU love December? Did I miss anything? I WANT TO KNOW.

Happy December! xo- Shaz.


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