That One Time My Dad Tried to Tell Me the Truth About Boys

I hopeI remember when I was head over heels in love with my first boyfriend, I think I was….16.

Of course, Mama and Daddy didn’t know. They hated him for what he did to me years before and banned me from ever seeing him.

But we snuck around anyway, and one day…my dad saw a text from him!

He told me I must end whatever I’m doing with this boy immediately. When I started crying he gave me this big lecture.

“Look honey. You are too young to know this now- but he only wants you for one thing. Guys treat girls like trophies, the more they have… the better they feel. You shouldn’t be doing the things you’re doing with him right now, wait until you are older and find another guy.”

I rolled my eyes back then and made a tantrum of yelling “EWWWW! DAD!” But today, I wish I listened.

Last week, “Prince Player” came over and guess what he said? “Having several girls make me feel better”. Well I’ll be damned, I should have listened to my dad.

I can only list the amount of guys who treated me like a trophy, a toy, a puppet, and everything besides a woman.

My dad was right. I know you’ll never read this dad, but I’m sorry 😦 I am so broken and hurt- I wish I could tell you and ask for your advice right now but I can’t. But I will keep being strong just like you taught me ❤

xoxo. S.


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